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Our society and the world of work are undergoing a process of change that brings with it major and new challenges. In research and production operations, for example, the demands on each individual in terms of performance, efficiency and costs are constantly increasing. The situation is further aggravated by the fact that today, specialised professionals have to spend a considerable part of their working time directly on non-specialist activities and comprehensive documentation obligations

The resource of time has therefore become a valuable luxury good - an example: just the work process of disposing of solvent waste in a timely and safe manner often prevents an optimal workflow and in practice costs valuable time. Factors such as demographic change and the resulting gaps in knowledge management also confront companies with other tasks that need to be solved.

What solutions are available for the laboratory?

Cabi2Net - Gefahrstoffmanagement mit System

The solution starts at the base, the safety cabinet for safe storage and handling of hazardous substances. Before a new acquisition, a process analysis of the actual situation on site is recommended. Based on the collected requirements and definition of a target state, the safety cabinet for the ideal process can be selected individually. This already includes consistently checking whether the process sequence has additional potential for automation via sensors. As a rule, this is suitable for preventive protective measures, but also to free employees from "annoying" and inefficient activities.

Example disposal of solvents

With the safety cabinets of the DISPOSAL UTS ergo line, cabinets were presented for the first time which integrated a fully comprehensive and TÜV-certified solution for solvent disposal. Sensors for monitoring cabinet ventilation and fill levels are already standard in the concept. The digital information can be evaluated or further processed via stationary devices such as Smart Control or the Cabi2Net network solution from DÜPERTHAL.

With Cabi2Net, an almost unlimited selection of sensors can be combined in a network and all relevant operating parameters can be constantly monitored or recorded. Using a variety of interface solutions, the usage parameters of Cabi2Net can be transferred to local systems for evaluation and further processing.


MyDÜPERTHAL App – the mobile solution

This is where the MyDÜPERTHAL database including app with graphic interface docks. The app collects and links the digital information of individual island areas in the company, makes events reproducible and accessible worldwide in real time at any time. Mobile devices can thus be used to access all relevant operating parameters of the safety cabinets from anywhere. In addition to the central management of all dynamic data, static information on safety cabinets can also be stored. This can be used, for example, for automatic reminders for the next maintenance of the safety cabinet, including additional information such as installation location. Information maintenance can be carried out automatically via Cabi2Net as well as by input. With further interfaces, evaluations for logistics and procurement processes can be used efficiently.

The data backup of all information can be carried out either via an internal or external database. A separate cabinet management per user with access to individual cabinet and storage information such as operating instructions, data sheets is also part of the standard function.

The application is compatible with that for smartphones and tablets, which enables the reception of push messages for critical sensor signals, e.g. for fill levels, ventilation function and temperatures. With the integrated augmented reality function, the safety cabinet and virtual information are combined in real-time. Process data can be displayed in the virtual space directly at the safety cabinet, a direct comparison of data to evaluated processes, e.g. to fill levels, is possible.

The added value of the database App MyDÜPERTHAL: it enables more knowledge, promotes efficiency and saves valuable time. On the one hand, this is beneficial for a good work-life balance and, on the other hand, it helps to successfully cushion demographic change.

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