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Active storage of flammable liquids


Safe storage - active and passive

There are different technical and administrative requirements for the active and passive storage of flammable liquids How will you store your chemicals? It is best if you determine how substances will be stored at your workplace or laboratory during the planning of installations. Below, you will find some important aspects of active and passive storage for you to consider. 



Passive storage
» Liquids or solids are stored in sealed containers.
» No filling or transfer takes place in or at the cabinet.
» Your safety storage cabinet serves only as a storage facility. 

Active storage
» Flammable liquids are stored in open or unsealed containers.
» Chemicals are filled or transferred in or at the safety storage cabinet.
» Your safety storage cabinet is actively integrated into your process landscape. It is a storage location - and also a workplace

A system for maximum protection – tailored to your processes
As soon as you begin with active storage, you must take different requirements into account in your risk assessment (in accordance with TRGS 400) and the associated explosion protection documents. These include the requirements of TRGS 526 and TRGS 510 Annex 3, as well as additional requirements in TRGS 509, TRGS 727 and DIN EN 60079-10. 



Active storage – your process solution


Proactive working safety 

The DÜPERTHAL safety storage cabinets for active storage guarantee your conformity with the regulations, while their design offers a solid foundation for efficient workflows. This enables us to offer you individual solutions optimally tailored to your processes.  


plus_grey Your technical avantage 

» Optimal management of liquids during supply and disposal.
» The risk of an accident due to overfilling is minimised.
» Effective and monitored object and air curtain extraction when filling as well as ventilation at every cabinet level ensure that the risk of an explosive atmosphere is reduced and health protection is increased.
» The integrated earthing concept includes internal and external conductive surfaces as well as the connection of all electrically conductive components with the potential connection to the cabinet body.

plus_red Your economic advantage 
» Decentralised storage with media available directly at the workplace means work simplification and time saving.
» Safety processes can be optimised and defined for simple documentation in your risk assessment.
» The explosion protection concept recommended in the GS certification can be incorporated into the explosion protection document and facilitates documentation.
» Falling consumption of chemicals reduces procurement and disposal costs and eases the burden on the environment (CO2 balance).



VisiCon® - Waste Collection System


Collect flammable media flexibly and centrally

The VisiCon® Waste Collection System is the perfect addition to DÜPERTHAL safety storage cabinets for active storage. The system can be used to collect together larger quantities of solvent wastes in accordance with the regulations, centrally at one collection point, e.g. a DISPOSAL line safety storage cabinet. The VisiCon® collection system is also characterised by its high media resistance. All components are conductive and prevent the formation of ignition sparks.


Highest flexibility for streamlined workflow

The system can be extended virtually without limit and the modular concept can be individually adjusted to each process on site. The diverse connection options are suitable for funnel systems and
HPLC connections, and can also be adapted to individual requirements. The easy startup due to ready to plug-in, preassembled connections enables flexible workflows and more efficient organisation of the work processes.



Your benefits

» Secure collection of hazardous substances in accordance with TRGS 509 and minimisation of harmful gases and vapours (emissions) in the workplace.
» Continuous earthing for the prevention of ignition hazards as a result of electrostatic discharges in accordance with TRGS 727.
» Higher efficiency by merging wastes from several workplaces to a central collection point.
» Process reliability through defined workflows, additional channels for the disposal of solvents are avoided.
» Approved explosion protection concept for simplified recording in your explosion protection document within the framework of the risk assessment according to TRGS 400.
» Flexible connection to DÜPERTHAL system solutions for active storage. 
» The almost infinitely expandable modular system can also be integrated at a later stage.


Disposal system - safe, economical and flexible

We will be happy to analyse the current situation with you on site and provide you with an optimal disposal solution. We can provide installation and commissioning on site within the framework of our full service.


Your added advantage with VisiCon!

» Efficient workflow in accordance with the regulations
Disposal of solvent wastes takes place directly at the workplace; additional channels for the disposal of waste are avoided.

» Sustainable and flexible disposal system
The modular system can be optimally integrated in any work or laboratory situation and can be expanded almost infinitely.

» Economic and certified solution
The hazardous substances can be directed from several systems/workplaces to a certified safety storage cabinet.


Modular system

For a high level of media resistance, all metallic components are manufactured from high-quality stainless steel 1.4571. The hose system is made of dissipative PTFE-el and has a smooth finish to guarantee a good media flow. The hoses are also wrapped in a spiral on the outside for protection against mechanical stress.


1 Frunnel systems
Safe disposal of hazardous substances via a funnel with a direct connection to the disposal container.


2 Direct connection of HPLC systems 
Simple connection of capillary and media hoses via a large selection of bench penetrations and adapters.


3 Distributors and smooth-walled hose systems 
The distributors and hose systems are available in various diameters - the right solution for every viscosity.


4 Prevention of ignition hazards 
All components are electrically conductive, the system for the connection to earthing is prepared according to TRGS 727.


5 Tested and certified disposal systems  
The media are collected in system solutions with special explosion protection devices, e.g. DISPOSAL BENCH line, in accordance with TRGS 509 and TRGS 727.


6 Profile system - flexible and robust  
The flexible profile system is the alternative to the bench penetration and can be used as, for example, a standing surface for HPLC systems.


VisiCon® module structure - principle sketch