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Services - tailored to your processes


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h1Process analysis

Your problem is our challenge

Your processes should run optimally - in every respect. Our experts take a closer look at safety-relevant and profitability aspects. You are guaranteed the greatest possible flexibility in implementation. Because we have the right solution for every situation.

zu-konzept From process analysis to concept
  Our experts will work together with you on-site to collect extensive data in an as-is analysis. Based on this information and your requirements, a target state is defined in a functional specification document.
modulare-systeml-sung Modular and tested system solutions
  We use the full range of DÜPERTHAL’s standard technologies and supplement these with modular and type-tested systems individually tailored to your requirements.



Safe and economical solutions

You don't just get a technically perfect system from us – we also make sure that the effort required on your part is minimised. We deliver our products directly to your site and take care of the implementation. Full service is our principle.

anlieferung-verbindung Shipment and delivery
  Safety for us starts with the delivery of the product. The specialist carrier appointed by us works according to a detailed checklist and therefore ensures that our products are professionally transported to and installed in their final place of use - delivery just-in-time and just-in-place.
projektbetreuung On-site project support
  The professional handling of complex projects requires more than just delivery of safety storage cabinets. DÜPERTHAL therefore provides comprehensive support for your national and international projects with planning, delivery service, construction site support and training of lab managers and users.
montage Installation, implementation and final acceptance
  Our team of specialists ensures a smooth, optimised assembly process on-site. After a complete installation of all components, the commissioning and joint final acceptance are carried out with you.



Optimal integration - safe and economical solutions

We strive all the time to optimise your process flows sustainably. This means that we attach great importance to documentation and training. We also use cutting-edge technology for evaluation. This allows us to integrate our products into your existing structures as seamlessly as possible.

auswertung Product diversity, certified system solutions

Our diverse product range offers solutions tailored specifically to your requirements. In addition to maximum safety, they offer the highest levels of effectiveness and efficiency – including in situations where there is no risk of fire. 

dokumentation Documentation
  Detailed operating instructions are supplied with each product, especially for complex projects. The manual supplied includes the CE certificate of conformity and the type certificate for the patented system solutions tested by independent third parties.
schulung Training and risk assessment

To reassure you that our components can be used in a technically correct manner and can be operated without any risk, we will be happy to train your personnel on-site. The points covered can be included in your risk assessment.

auswertungen2 Evaluation

With our web-enabled Cabi2Net, all relevant operating parameters of the safety storage cabinets can be continuously monitored and evaluated. Information can be queried with ease from a mobile phone, tablet or PC. This also safeguards your processes and helps you make your internal value chain even more efficient.



4-Werterhalt Maintaining value

Product life cycle - maximum safety

To ensure the functionality and safety of your system solution in the long term, we recommend an annual inspection. Our service agreement guarantees you maintenance and spare parts long after installation and commissioning.

sicherheit-gesundheitsschutz Occupational safety and health (OSHA/EU-OSHA) 
  Protecting employees and the environment is the highest priority when handling hazardous substances. Therefore, DÜPERTHAL safety storage cabinets guarantee compliance with the requirements of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA and EU-OSHA). We will clarify all relevant topics and train you in the safe handling of our products
servicevertrag Permanent service agreement with regular maintenance and service
  Highly complex processes rely on robust structures. With our service agreement, we can ensure even greater safeguarding of our reliable system solutions in your interest. The annual maintenance also extends the manufacturer's guarantee. A dual benefit for you - in terms of safety and profitability.