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High Quality safety cabinets with maximum fire protection

Your plus with DÜPERTHAL safety cabinets!

Highest fire protection for your safety
Maximum security with Type 90 technology and automatic self-closing in case of fire.

Upscale design for your health
Ventilation and venting at every cabinet level with visual inspection of the shut-off dampers, with continuous earthing concept as standard.

Increased lifetime for your investment
Endurance test in accordance with DIN EN 14727 or newly DIN EN 16121 and DIN EN 16122, even 80,000 instead of 50,000 cycles in the dynamic load test.


Ventilation at every cabinet level and visual control of the ventilation shut-off flaps.


To avoid ignition hazards due to earthing in accordance with TRGS 727, the bearing surfaces are connected to the equipotential bonding lugs as standard.

Automatische Türschließung

Automatic door closing
In the event of fire, a thermocouple automatically triggers blockage-free door closing via the wear-free safety device (functional principle similar to airbag system).


A recessed plinth is the solution for ergonomic working and a safe stand.


Lock arrangement
The ergonomic lock arrangement at handle height increases the operating comfort.


Due to the plinth construction with removable skirting boards, the cabinet can be accessed from all sides. This allows easy transport, e.g. with a lift truck.

Safety cabinet type 90 - CLASSIC Line

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