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Type 90 safety storage cabinets in detail – DÜPERTHAL safety storage cabinets


High-quality safety storage cabinets with maximum fire protection

Your added advantage with DÜPERTHAL safety storage cabinets!

» Maximum fire protection for your safety  
Maximum safety with Type 90 technology and automatic self-closing doors in case of fire.

» Premium design for your health  
Ventilation on every cabinet level with visual control of venting cut-off flaps and a continuous earthing concept as a standard.

» Longer lifetime for your investment  
Continuous testing in accordance with DIN EN 14727. As many as 80,000 instead of 50,000 cycles in the dynamic load test.



1 Ventilation 
Ventilation on every cabinet level and visual control of venting cut-off flaps.


2 Earthing 
To prevent ignition hazards through earthing in accordance with TRGS 727, the bearing surfaces are conductively connected as a standard to the equipotential bonding saddles.


Automatic door closure 
In case of fire, a thermocouple automatically triggers the closing system with anti-jarring mechanism via the non-wearing safety feature (functional principle similar to the air bag system).


4 Base 
A set-back base enables ergonomic working and good positioning in front of the cabinet.


5 Lock positioning 
The ergonomic positioning of the lock at handle level increases ease of use.


6 Transport 
Due to the base construction with removable base boards, the cabinet is accessible from all sides. This simplifies transport, for example with a hand pallet truck.