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Our philosophy

Welcome to DÜPERTHAL


As a leading German quality and technology enterprise, we set the standards in the design of system solutions for the process-optimised storage of chemicals and hazardous materials. All of our products and solutions are specifically tailored to meet your requirements. In addition to maximum safety, they offer the highest levels of effectiveness and efficiency – including in situations where there is no risk of fire. As our customer, you'll always feel a sense of reassurance that you're in safe hands. This is what we, as a family-run company, stand for. This is what we stand for as the original.

Helping you stay one step ahead –

with service and personal communication

By choosing a DÜPERTHAL solution, you're also gaining a strong, proactive partner. Our aim is to always stay one step ahead. All our products and solutions exceed the requirements laid down by certification programmes. The same applies to our work with you. We openly discuss challenges and propose improvements, helping you to always identify the ideal solution.

Safeguarding your values –

since 1973, and into the future

For more than forty years, we've been setting standards in our industry. As our customer, you benefit from our technological and commercial know-how – expertise that has been demonstrated in numerous reference projects for renowned international organisations. We constantly raise the bar, continuing to enhance our safety solutions so that we can help safeguard your values, now and in the future.

Delivering the perfect system solution –

customised designs where required, TÜV-certified prior to installation.

In addition to standard products of exceptional quality, we're the only company on the market to also offer customised, TÜV-certified system solutions that do not require acceptance on delivery. From consulting to components, installation and routine maintenance – we always strive to offer the best possible added value from the perspective of technical safety and operational management.



Our commitment to quality

Solved internally, confirmed externally and independently 

For DÜPERTHAL, quality is the main focus. Proof of this is provided by the quality marks of approval awarded to each of our safety storage cabinets, in recognition of our comprehensive quality management system in compliance with DIN EN ISO 9001. One basic condition here is that, apart from our own in-house inspections, production of our safety storage cabinets is continuously monitored by external accredited test institutes.



Tested safety – Made in Germany


Tested safety at the highest level including:

ift_brandverhalten IBMB

Type-tested according to DIN EN 14470-1 and DIN EN 14470-2 
by recognised test institutes (TÜV Süd, iBMB Braunschweig, ift Rosenheim).


TÜV-tested according to DIN EN 14727 (laboratory furniture standard).

TuevSued CE-Zeichen

GS/CE mark.


High Quality mark of approval for excellence in design,
user-friendliness and increased lifetime.


TÜV-tested according to ISO 9001:2015

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