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Networking for maximum process reliability

A revolution in working

In scientific research and industrial production alike, the requirements of each individual in terms of performance, efficiency and costs are constantly increasing. The situation is exacerbated by the fact that specialist employees now have to spend an average of 20-40% of their working time directly on non-specialist activities and meeting extensive documentation obligations.

To make this situation more efficient, we have developed intelligent solutions that make your everyday work easier.

Analysis, consultancy and smart process reliability

Analysis, consultancy and smart process reliability

As a technology leader and consultant, DÜPERTHAL supports you in management of hazardous substances with a comprehensive analysis to jointly identify all the potential for optimising your procedures and work processes. In addition to standard technologies and individually customised system solutions, we use smart technologies that enable you to introduce digital transformation in your company while maintaining reliable processes.

Important keywords include:

The Internet of Things (IoT) is the technology to network physical and virtual objects and get them to work together to support people in their activities unobtrusively and without distraction.

Our smart safety storage cabinets take over time-consuming and inefficient routine activities, thus supporting you with your processes. This creates scope for your core tasks - tasks that actually require your know-how and your time to complete.

Statuses determined using sensors can be combined centrally and visualised on stationary monitors, optionally with touch function. It is also possible to access the data using mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets etc. or to receive information by push notifications or SMS.


Sensors - Always the right pulse generator

Every operator is responsible for the safety of users and their activities along the entire internal process chain. Reliable sensors for monitoring the relevant operating statuses are a fundamental requirement here. The example application shown here can be applied to all DÜPERTHAL safety storage cabinets and is individually adapted to your requirements.


Additional options:

Flow monitoring

Flow monitoring

Weight monitoring

Weight monitoring

Gas sensor

Gas sensor

Info scan

Info scan

Prevention by monitoring all parameters relevant for the process

  • Monitoring of the exhaust function in compliance with DIN 1946-7: Particularly for filling and transferring, the exhaust function must be monitored continuously (24/7) to prevent the formation of an explosive atmosphere as stipulated in DIN EN 60079-10-1.
  • Level monitoring with a variety of sensor types to minimise the risk of overfilling in compliance with national laws and directives, e.g. TRGS 509 in Germany.
  • Temperature sensors for preventive early detection of thermal events in the safety storage cabinet and for easy compliance with hazardous substances regulations set out in safety data sheets.
  • Door opening status sensor to monitor whether doors are closed properly in compliance with DIN EN 14470-1.


Step into a new world with Cabi2Net from DÜPERTHAL! This innovation enables you to easily access all relevant information on the operational status of your DÜPERTHAL safety storage cabinets worldwide, e.g. with your with your smartphone, tablet or PC.

The range of specialist cabinet solutions is as diverse as the areas of activity in handling hazardous goods, e.g. for flammable liquids (passive and active), pressurised gas cylinders, batteries, acids and alkalis. Despite all the specific differences, all solutions - and the relevant data for each - can be combined in a single network using Cabi2Net.

With an almost unlimited choice of sensors, you can constantly monitor and record all relevant operating parameters. A variety of interface solutions enable the usage parameters to be transferred from Cabi2Net to your local system for evaluation and further processing.


For added value:

  • Worldwide access to all relevant operating statuses of networked cabinets at any time.
  • Digital storage and comprehensive documentation of safety data sheets, instructions, storage schedules, hazardous substance directories, etc.
  • Programmable access controls with identification for increased legal security » Defined process control with integration of all staff responsible for working safety.
  • Smart Control stand-alone version with SIM/UTMS card available as an option.
  • Intelligent linking of all storage concepts, regardless of whether they are a networked Cabi2Net, Smart Control stand-alone version or direct entry.


Individual interfaces, suitable for all systems

A system is only as good as the interfaces that it uses for communication. Cabi2Net can be integrated into numerous systems and existing networks, providing a variety of different services. The objectives are easy integration, a high data transmission rate in real time and maximum data security.

All parameters at a glance thanks to interfaces

  • Variety of network interfaces for exchanging data with external systems and remote access to process-related information
  • Electronic logging in real time
  • Individual adaptation of system configuration thanks to different user levels
  • Visualisation of operating statuses using various display types, e.g. touch display
  • Easy operation using keyboard, mouse or touch display
  • All cabinets in the system can be individually controlled
  • Digital and analog inputs for evaluation of a large number of sensors
  • Digital outputs for switching signal lamps, acoustic warning devices, release or locking mechanisms


Prevention and economic efficiency

The new Cabi2Net system from the technology leader DÜPERTHAL enables you to effectively control your work processes and to make them safe and reliable. In addition to preventive risk management, this includes simplified handling of important documents and logging of all relevant operating parameters. Cabi2Net also provides you with process-related performance indicators as a basis for sustainable use of resources.

Recording of all relevant operating statuses of your safety storage cabinet

  • Systematic monitoring of ventilation
  • Digital and analog level monitoring.
  • Continuous monitoring of temperature data.
  • Door status information.
  • Traceable media and quantity selection.
  • Consumption monitoring using weighing systems or flow meters.
  • Compatible connections for gas detectors.
  • Customised sensors

Cabi2Net - ROI

Invest and profit - your return on investment

By using Cabi2Net, you and your employees can make active and effective use of the new resources provided to focus on your core work. Depending on the scope of the project, a return on investment is normally achieved within a year. We will be happy to arrange a meeting with you to discuss the possibilities and opportunities.

Cost optimisation from interfaces to downstream systems

  • Recording of media consumption and automated procurement of necessary media using real time data transmission for maximum supply reliability.
  • Calculation of performance indicators to reduce procurement costs through central ordering system in purchasing.
  • Monitoring of media dispensing and reduction of costs through falling consumption quantities.
  • Transparency and optimisation of media consumption and disposal costs by assignment and posting to cost centres.

Resource conservation due to automated processes

  • High compatibility and integrated interfaces to existing data management systems reduce operating costs and enable a paperless organisation.
  • Authorised self-service in media dispensing frees up resources, which can be used for active operations elsewhere.
  • Eases the burden on your specialist staff and reduces process and laboratory costs through automatic forwarding of information, e.g. on required change of waste collection containers
  • Real time performance indicators improve management of the company.
  • Resource conservation and sustainable management positively influence your environmental balance (carbon footprint) and support you in meeting the requirements of the environmental management standard ISO 14001.
  • Ideal basis for quality assurance in production processes and guarantee of product quality as part of GMP (good manufacturing practice).
Cabi2Net - ROI


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More mobile than ever - with MyDÜPERTHAL

Are you often on the move with your smartphone or tablet and want to maintain an overview of your operational processes? Then take advantage of our exciting new facility: MyDÜPERTHAL. Our brand new app gives you access to all relevant operating parameters of your safety storage cabinets from anywhere using your mobile device.

Increased knowledge and reproducibility with MyDÜPERTHAL

With MyDÜPERTHAL the focus is on you - the person.
The variety of functions of MyDÜPERTHAL support you in your day-to-day working routine and help you to implement and document processes. The app collates and combines the digital information from individual areas of the company, makes events reproducible, and allows access worldwide at any time.


Use MyDÜPERTHAL - whenever and wherever you want

Our smart safety storage cabinets supply you with process-related information and help you in your day-to-day working routine. MyDÜPERTHAL collates the data centrally and allows it to be accessed at any time and from anywhere in the world on any mobile device.

Central management of all dynamic and static cabinet data

  • Application compatible with smartphones, tablets and PC.
  • Push notifications for critical sensor signals, e. g. fill levels, ventilation function, temperatures.
  • Automatic reminders for next maintenance of your safety equipment, including additional details such as installation location.
  • Dedicated cabinet management for each user
  • Access to individual cabinet and storage information such as operating instructions, data sheets etc. at any time.
  • Automatic information entry via Cabi2Net and Smart Control and by user input.
  • Storage of all information in an external database is possible.
  • Interfaces on the DÜPERTHAL systems allow evaluation of logistics and procurement process parameters.
MyDüperthal app - everywhere up to date


Quick Scan - Digital infotainment for every safety storage cabinet

Extend your actual safety storage cabinet with virtual display of relevant process information on your smartphone or tablet. With the Quick Scan function you can find out all current and saved process data in real time.

Advantages of the augmented reality function

  • Digital infotainment: Actual cabinet and virtual information are combined in real time.
  • Display of process data in the virtual space directly on the safety storage cabinet.
  • Direct comparison of data for evaluated processes on site possible, e.g. exhaust function, fill levels or storage information.
  • Augmented reality enables digital planning data to be compared with available actual information efficiently and in real time.
  • The application allows interactive development and intervention in ongoing processes.
  • Details of the installation location and possible special features or maintenance intervals can be directly retrieved.
MyDüperthal app - Augmented Reality


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Preventive and practice working safety

Because of their complex functionality, modern safety storage cabinets are a storage location and workplace at the same time. Preventive working safety and process reliability are extremely important. With Smart Control and the right choice of sensors, processes can be efficiently optimised and the level of prevention adapted to individual requirements.

Smart Control enables you to optimise your processes, regardless of whether you are using a safety storage cabinet for supply or disposal, or perhaps for storage of batteries or pressurised gas cylinders.

Smart Control performance profile

  • Stand-alone version - always a 1:1 relationship to a safety storage cabinet.
  • Touch display includes error indication and data storage for logging.
  • Transmission of data via SMS for mobile use and via USB.
  • Digital and analog inputs and outputs, as well as optical and acoustic error indication.
  • Integration in MyDÜPERTHAL possible.
  • Varied sensor range for numerous monitoring functions for the exhaust air status, fill level, temperature, door opening etc.


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Process example in detail

In industry, there are more and more digital interfaces between companies and their partners, e.g. for automatic delivery of components and screws. In the field of chemistry, tracking systems for hazardous substances are the first step towards a networked world of work. However, there is a virtually unlimited number of applications which require reliable processes for safe handling of hazardous substances. Here are a few practical examples to inspire you!

Systemlösungen | Prozessbeispiel

1 BATTERY XL - Temperature sensor

For storage of substances for which self-ignition cannot entirely be ruled out, e.g. lithium ion batteries, temperature probes are recommended for prevention. This is an early warning system for detection of thermal events in the cabinet interior.

2 SUPREME line plus - Gas detectors and weighing sensors

When using certain gases, it is necessary to connect a gas detector to protect employees. They can be integrated into the system just as easily as the weighing sensors already used to determine the fill level of pressurised gas cylinders.

3 DISPOSAL UTS ergo line - Level monitoring

To minimise the risk of overfilling in compliance with TRGS 509, the use of level monitoring sensors is recommended. Sensors are available that digitally signal a limit level or display a continuous analog fill level. Capacitive sensors that are not in contact with the media and floating sensors in contact with the media are available for both applications.

4 ACTOM line for reliable supply

The ACTCOM line is the best solution for combined supply and disposal of solvents. Sensors enable the fill levels of the supply media to be recorded to ensure prompt reordering, as well as the levels of accumulated waste materials.

5 COMPLEX LL: Monitoring of the exhaust function

Particularly when filling and transferring, to ensure compliance with DIN 1946-7 the exhaust function must be monitored continuously (24/7) to prevent the formation of an explosive atmosphere as stipulated in DIN EN 60079-10-1.

6 CLASSIC line - Door opening status sensor

The doors of safety storage cabinets used for storage of hazardous substances must be kept closed after use in compliance with DIN EN 14470-1. This applies particularly if exposure to the stored media involves any safety risks. This sensor can provide an easy way to monitor the status of the door (open/closed).

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