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The smart technological innovation


Internet of Things -

digital transformation is real

Innovative smart technologies such as networkable safety storage cabinets, the database MyDÜPERTHAL for all process-relevant cabinet information and the interactive Quick Scan feature with augmented reality function will support you even better with your processes - mobile and in real time. Here, you will learn more about this technological revolution and about how connecting your processes in a network will lead to maximum process reliability.



Cabi2Net - Hazardous substance management with system

The future of the working world starts today!

The requirements for laboratory and industrial buildings are increasing in number all the time, and pose great challenges to executives, facility managers, building operators and users. Sustainability and future viability are major factors in planning and operating a building according to the so-called Green Building Concept.



Green building and software

Comprehensive software systems are installed in the building technology for optimisation of performance, safety, comfort and cost reduction. A wide range of building components are controlled and optimised, including e.g. ventilation, air-conditioning, lighting, room automation, fire protection. Ideally, these systems are already taken into account in the planning in order to profit from the extensive benefits from the commissioning of the building and to amortise the investment quickly.


Cabi2Net - Centrally controlled safety

What contribution does DÜPERTHAL make to optimisation?

DÜPERTHAL’s Cabi2Net system revolutionises centralised control of work processes. With up-to-date data and intelligent networking, it helps to organise the value chain efficiently. Information e.g. on fill levels or faults can be called up on the internet via a web interface, independent of terminal devices. The system is easily scalable and can be integrated into the general building automation.



plus_grey Your technical advantage

With Cabi2net and the variety of possibilities for combining a wide range of sensors, all operating parameters relevant to you can be monitored constantly. In addition, various systems for further processing of data and information can be controlled to guarantee stable and secure processes in your workplaces. 

plus_red Your economic advantage

All relevant parameters can be recorded, collected and evaluated on Cabi2Net. This allows more flexible work processes and a more efficient organisation of the internal value chain. Your employees can use the resources that are freed up more effectively and actively for their scientific research.


Process optimisation in the handling of hazardous substances

Lean lab – we work with you to create "value without wastage"

You can't create a lean lab by simply purchasing a standard product. More than that, it's a philosophy that must be put into practice on a daily basis. System solutions from DÜPERTHAL that are specifically designed to meet your needs will help you live out this philosophy.

Even during the process analysis phase, we'll ensure that your processes become leaner and more efficient. Activities that don't add value will be reduced to a minimum. In practice, the right planning and the right product can, for example, eliminate time-wasting.

Naturally, our system solutions allow you to comply with rules and regulations at all times, so that you always remain on the safe side. Particular attention is paid to the potential hazards that arise, in particular when using open containers for storage (active storage) and disposal. These potential hazards include the increased risk of an explosive atmosphere or static charges.

Using the new technologies of MyDÜPERTHAL, Cabi2Net and Smart Control gives you additional valuable building blocks for the Lean Lab in your new work environment. These innovations allow you to consistently pursue Industry 4.0 concepts in your company – administrative effort is reduced, leaving you with more time to devote to the actual process of research.