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COOL line – Type 90


Fire-proof refrigerators for maximum fire protection

Ordinary laboratory refrigerators are unpredictable sources of risk. Without any protection against thermal influences from the outside, they can pose a threat to people’s lives or working materials in case of fire.



Store flammable substances safely, even cooled

In many laboratories, flammable media are used which must be stored cooled. Conventional laboratory refrigerators are, according to BG Chemie, not intended for this purpose, due to the lack of fire resistance. According to definition, these refrigerators are not intended for the storage of flammable liquids, but serve the purpose of accommodating reactants (flammable liquids) in the operation or the conduct of test procedures, e.g. crystallisation of products. Only the combination of Type 90 technology according to DIN EN 14470-1 with a cooling device with explosion-proof interior space, for example COOL line, offers the possibility to also store media cooled in accordance with the regulations in accordance with TRGS 510.

Fire resistance of 90 minutes

Fire-proof and explosion-proof Type 90 DÜPERTHAL safety storage cabinets offer reliable fire resistance of 90 minutes. In case of an emergency, this protection provides enough time to evacuate the building and a buffer for decisive firefighting.

Functional and safe

Despite all safety provisions, you will never have to do without functionality with DÜPERTHAL COOL line. With its COOL line, DÜPERTHAL combines laboratory-standard storage with maximum fire resistance, naturally type-tested in accordance with DIN EN 14470-1 and laboratory furniture standard DIN EN 14727. Effective cooling from +2 °C to +16 °C and many additional functions establish the prerequisites for optimised and safe work processes adapted to your individual needs.